Are Racetech Gaming seats made in China or somewhere else?

Somewhere else! All Racetech Gaming seats are proudly manufactured in Wellington, New Zealand using a combination of materials sourced locally and abroad. Our small, dedicated team take immense pride in crafting each seat.

Can I return a product and receive a refund?

Choose carefully, we will not accept product returns if you change your mind, your circumstances change, or you find an alternative option. If you believe your product is faulty, please contact us. Check our full returns policy here.

What is the recommended cleaning method for Racetech Gaming seat upholstery?

The cover is glued down and not designed for removal. With the seat cover still in place, you can use a combination of mild detergent/soap and water to remove dirt and dust. Use water sparingly, as excessive water will soak through the seat fabric into the foam and extend drying time.

In what currency are the prices displayed on your website?

On our USA site, prices are displayed in United States Dollars (USD).

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Paypal (including credit cards) and bank deposits.

I love your product, can I become a dealer or distributor?

If you wish to apply as a dealer or distributor for your country, please email Racetech NZ directly here.