Our Evolution

When racetracks were closed due to Covid-19, race car drivers told us they wanted their sim at home to closely replicate their race car; Racetech Gaming was born. Racetech Gaming seats draw on decades of collaborative design between Racetech and world-leading race car drivers. The Racetech Gaming chassis was developed in partnership with a proven race car builder.

Everything we know about motorsport seats and race car engineering comes off the track and has been delivered to the world of simulator racing. Racetech Gaming is performance driven.

Simulator Chassis Features


Racetech Gaming seats have the same look, feel and comfort as Racetech motorsport seats. Race for hours in the comfort of ergonomics designed for and tested by real-world race car drivers. Immerse yourself in a real-world race car feel and attack any track from home.


Our chassis grows with your simulator racing. If you upgrade your electronics or adapt your racing style, simply bolt on additional mounts. Get underway with a console and a single monitor and you could be running PC games going head-to-head with professionals in no time.


Our aluminum chassis is designed for direct drive wheel forces, right out of the box. Don’t compromise on a flexible or multi-part chassis. Choose a rigid Racetech Gaming Chassis; it will handle anything you throw at it.


Quickly assemble our simulator chassis using our captive bolt and nut system. Accessory mounts simply bolt on and off ensuring you can upgrade your electronics without ever needing a new chassis.

What Our Customers Say

It is a great option for anyone looking to get started in simulator racing with a rig they’ll never need to replace.
Matthew McEwen, Altus Esports
This is definitely a sim seat you can spend a 12-hour enduro in.
Beau Albert, Altus Esports